Central Florida Cities will be hosting a 4 week youth Improv course with Generation Improv Instructors. 

Thursdays from 4:00 - 5:30pm

May 2 to May 23  


Summer Improv to Acting Workshop

June 17 to June 20

1:30pm to 3:30pm ages 9 to 12

4:30pm to 6:30pm ages 13 to 17

In this Summer Improv to acting class students will learn the basics of improv and acting through fun games and acting excercises. Through the practice of improv, students will learn to trust their instincts, think on their feet, and channel their emotions. 


Improv Training for Businesses and Individuals

Improv is uniquely effective at increasing communication skills and confidence. Our instructors are improv and training professionals. Our training courses are professional, fun and tailored to your business needs. We combine creativity, realism and a little humor to provide astonishing results.  We do not train using typical improv absurdity (unless you ask us to)! Limited embarrasement for your staff equals double the benefits.

Increase Sales


Increase sales with Improv training. Whether you are in the field or on the phones, you need to quickly build a rapport and emotional connection with your clients. Improv can help you think fast, quickly recall information and adapt to any situation. These skills enable you to easily connect with clients while being personable but not too personal. 

Teambuilding and Leadership


Boost your teams performance with Improv team building. Strengthening trust and building relationships in a fun and interactive environment can improve team morale and productivity.  Improv helps teams work together, improves communication, mitigates confilt and increases collaboration. Our Improv Team building course provides a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere to increase communication and creativity. Your team does not need to worry about being comedic or games that require them to feel humiliated. We focus on team building with positive and interactive games sure to make your team laugh and connect. 

Who can Benefit from Improv Training?



Sales reps

Marketing teams




Business managers/staff



Non profit organizations  

If you are looking to improve communication skills and expand creativity, our improv training courses are for you!

Our Comedy Troupe

Generation Improv Comedy troupe is a "Whose line style" improv comedy troupe. We have been performing together since 2018. 

Available for company parties and events. For rates and availablilty fill out the form below.



Advance your communication skills and creativity.

This was different than any other corporate training I've been too. Our team was able to have fun and work on skills that were tailored to our business.

Jordan F.

I was worried about taking an Improv course online but it was GREAT! I learned how to really hone my skills and be more confident during presentations at work.

Nina J
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